We’ve been having some incredibly stormy weather over the last couple of weeks. The Côte d’Azur knows how to do dramatic weather: when it rains it really does pour!

stormy weather

Stormy Weather

These dark threatening skies might make good photo ops but seeing as it’s June and not November I have to admit to having had enough.  The rain is good for the garden but not my mood.

For the first time since we’ve lived in the south it looks like the little kid won’t be having a pool party for his birthday this weekend.

stormy weather

Lost in Translation

While on the subject of the little kid, here’s a funny anecdote that makes me chuckle. He just got his school report. One teacher in the international section doesn’t speak French yet. I’m guessing they used an online translator for this comment “L a eu une super attitude pendant l’accouchement”. 

If you understand French I’m sure you’re already giggling. If not, let me explain. “l’accouchement” means give birth/delivery. So how on earth did the teacher come up with that? The French word for lockdown is confinement, which in English can be an old word for give birth. See where I’m going? They must have typed in “had a super attitude during the confinement”. L has not assisted at any births recently, but it’s true he had a super attitude during lockdown! The poor teacher would be mortified if they knew what they’d written. But perhaps it’s not so surprising coming from a school where the head teacher Madame la Principale, signs herself off as Mrs Main in her English emails!

stormy weather

Do you have any funny translation stories? And go on, make me jealous, how’s your weather?

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stormy weather


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