It’s been a good week with seemingly lots going on in our lockdown life. After three and a half weeks we’re finding contentment in confinement.

merci banner

Our tech skills are improving and we’ve been having fun with backdrops for Zoom get-togethers (which now include a weekly quizz as well as Friday night drinks and impromptu apéros).

contentment in confinement

The garden is lovely and walks around town reveal touching banners thanking frontline workers.  The (no longer) Teen continues to bake, making delicious Hot Cross Buns for the first time, fuelling our contentment in confinement.

contentment in confinement

We’ve found another way to have a drink with neighbours, socially distancing outside our gates, with our own drinks, snacks, tables and chairs. Very civilised.

apero in the lane

Talking of gates, after several years of rusting away, ours has finally been painted!

painting gate

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contentment in confinement


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