The ups and downs of lockdown became evident this week. I began on a high and ended on a low.

Easter was lovely, despite being just us, no extended family like most years, we had a great time. As I hadn’t been in shops in the days before Easter I hadn’t bought a ton of rubbish chocolate. However, we did have what turned out to be a ton of quality chocolate instead (provided by the Teen’s girlfriend’s family who have a chocolaterie #sigh!)

ups and down lockdown | Lou Messugo

We had our traditional Easter egg hunt, played lots of board games, watched films together and ate like royalty. We treated ourselves to an Easter (takeaway) meal package from one of our favourite restaurants, Lougolin, with lunch and dinner provided for 3 days. It was a delicious and a welcome break from thinking up what to cook next.

Ups and downs lockdown Easter table | Lou Messugo

I got motivated to paint the gîte bathroom and touch up some furniture having found some paint in the cellar. The boys have done lots of helpful gardening. Trampolining and croquet tournaments were on the agenda.

furniture decoration

But today we should have been flying to St Martin in the Caribbean for a week’s holiday with friends. It’s been in the planning for years as we were first going to go in 2018 and Hurricane Irma in September 2017 put an end to that.  This time everything was booked, and bloody Coronavirus has scuppered our plans again.  Fingers crossed we get third time lucky but right now I feel pretty bleugh! I know in the greater scheme of things it’s not so awful and we’re lucky to be healthy and spending lockdown in such a beautiful place but that doesn’t stop me from feeling sad about missed opportunities. When will we ever be able to travel again?

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