This week at Lou Messugo it’s been all about going green. We’ve been eagerly watching the deconfinement map of France change colour while watching the new grass in the garden growing before our eyes.

Deconfinement Map Going Green

deconfinement map of France going green

All eyes have been on the deconfinement map of France (above) turning green.  About 10 days ago the Prime Minister announced we would start to ease lockdown on 11th May, depending on certain circumstances. The main one was that départements would need to be “green” to loosen the strict lockdown rules. (The colours relate to the number of cases in the area and the number of hospital beds).

Our département (bottom right or most the south-easterly) started off orange and a couple of days later turned green. We were told that just because it had gone green didn’t mean it would stay that way and could revert back to orange or even red.

Those that were green as of yesterday (Thursday 7th May) would “unlock”. We made it! As of next Monday we will be allowed out without a permit, within 100km of home. We will be able to socialise with groups of up to 10 people and forests will be open again to walk in (though not beaches yet).  Most shops will be open but not restaurants, bars and cafés yet…nor crucially for me, self-catering holiday homes/gîtes.  The next announcement will be at the end of May/early June.

The Lawn is Growing Fast

green grass | Lou Messugo

One project during lockdown has been to resow the lawns. They were both suffering badly from several droughts and were in desperate need of attention. With no one in the gîte we decided it was time to dig them up and start again.  So far so good.

Wearing Masks

wearing a mask in Coronavirus times

We are getting used to wearing masks when we go out. JF is already back at work, commuting to Monaco on the train, so he especially needs a good supply of masks. Our lovely neighbour has made us a few including this (dark) green one!

Going Green Blog Round-Up

This post is just a lighthearted look at what’s going on in our life this week but if you really want to go green – in an environmental and sustainable way – then check out my friend Rosie’s blog A Green and Rosie Life where she shares green living tips and collates regular round-ups of sustainable/environmental blog posts from across the blogosphere.

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