Four years ago last week we moved into our brand new house – a house that we’d had built on a plot of forested land.  before after

When I say “forested land” I realise it doesn’t sound great to have cut down loads of trees to build a house.  But this plot was going to be built on whether by us or anyone else; it was an area earmarked for development, and in our defense we kept as many trees as possible.  We have also replanted as many as we cut down (just smaller, more manageable (and prettier) trees than the enormous pines we’re surrounded by). So, all things being equal, I think our green credentials are OK, (not perfect, but OK).

before after 1

Thinking about this anniversary got me looking through photos of the early days and realising just how much we’ve done in the garden. There was never a grand plan, it just evolved over time. There are still plenty of areas we’ve barely touched, but seeing the before and after pictures really shows just how much everything has grown, and how much we’ve achieved.  I wonder what it’ll be like in another four years.

before after 9

before after 2

                       before after 3

                       before after 8

                       before after 4

                       before after 7

                       before after 11

                       before after 10

                        before after 6

Have you ever undertaken a big garden project?  Did you build your house or another building?  I’d love to hear about your experiences.

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