I’m sure everyone is looking forward to getting back to normal in a post-covid-19 world. Sadly this may well be quite some way off. In the meantime the desire for a change of scene, a mini-break or even a holiday is undoubtedly getting stronger, the longer lockdown or partial lockdown remains.  I know I’m dying to get away, to travel again. But even though we have started déconfinement in France I’m still nervous. I know I’m not alone. I want to travel but I’m not yet ready to negotiate airports, busy city centres, public transport, restaurants and hotels. When we finally do go away I know we’ll drive to a self-catering gîte. So here’s why you should choose Lou Messugo self-catering gite for your post-lockdown holiday.

self-catering post-lockdown holiday | Lou Messugo

Self-Catering Post-Lockdown Holiday is The Way To Go!

This is where a self-catering holiday rental – or gite – comes into its own.  Here I’m going to set out some reasons why you might like to stay with us in the coming months.  This is what we’re doing to make your holiday as safe and free of worry as possible.

Independence and Space

Lou Messugo gite is independent of our home and there are no other gites/guests on site. The garden is big and the nearest neighbours are not just over the fence/hedge.  (They’re over 30m away behind 2 hedges and across a lane.)  You have the garden to yourselves with plenty of space to play and/or relax.  Social distancing is not just possible, it comes with the territory!

Lou Messugo self-catering gîte

Lou Messugo from above clearly showing different level gardens and large amount of space

Yes we live on site but while our home and the gîte are in the same building they are completely independent. There are no communicating doors and our front doors are far apart. Even our gardens are on different levels. There is no reason for our paths to cross. Even arrival and departure can be done via the use of a keysafe.  But because we are on site we are here to help if you need us.

In normal times we share the pool with our guests. This year however, we will not share with you. You will have priority and while ever you are by the pool we will stay away. We will only use it when you’ve finished. Normally we share lilos, noodles and other inflatables but this year for everyone’s safety we’ve decided it’s best not to provide any. If you’d like to use your own you are very welcome. Simply take them back to the gite with you when you’ve finished in the pool. This effectively means you have a private pool.

self-catering post-lockdown holiday | Lou Messugo

By staying in a self-catering gite you are in charge of your meals and not reliant on restaurants.  You can cook what you want and eat in the security of your own space with no one else around.  One of the things our guests love most about a holiday at Lou Messugo self-catering gîte is eating out on the terrace on balmy summer evenings, listening to the frogs croaking and crickets chirping.  The scent from the lavender and jasmine gently drifting on the breeze. The calm is intoxicating. Total relaxation guaranteed.

self-catering gîte meal

Location of Lou Messugo

The location of Lou Messugo works in its favour during times of social distancing.  As already mentioned, there are no neighbours just over the fence or on the next balcony.  We are surrounded by large gardens and quiet families and yet only a 10 minute walk to the shops. I appreciate you may wish to drive everywhere. However, if you do feel like a walk, you are unlikely to come across more than a couple of people on your way to town.  The road has very little traffic and even fewer pedestrians.

While on the subject of walking there are plenty of local walks you can do straight from the gite. These go through forests and quiet village streets.  You are almost guaranteed not to come across anyone else! These paths are also suitable for mountain bikes if you bring your own.

quiet village street | Lou Messugo

Street on the walk to the shops, with typical amount of traffic/pedestrians!

Our location on the Côte d’Azur is amazingly central for visiting all the places of interest in the region, with most places under 30 minutes by car.  Almost all our guests use us as a base for visiting around and about, exploring different places every day by car.  There are no shortages of stunning scenic drives in the area. So this is a safe way to pass your time, no need to worry about public transport and crowded spaces.

Of course these scenic drives are also excellent bike rides. Lou Messugo is ideally based for some serious cycling, being right in the middle of many challenging routes used by Tour de France teams to train. If you bring a bike you’re welcome to store it in our locked garage.

cyclists at Lou Messugo

We are close to the mountains for hill hikes and picnics if you want to stay away from the bigger towns. Having lived here for 13 years and explored practically every inch of our area we can advise you on where to find secret river walks, empty parts of the coast (yes, even in high season) and near-deserted hilltop villages.  This means you’ll be able to have a fun, active holiday without the worry of being with lots of people if that’s what you want.

Some Practicalities for Your Self-Catering Post-Lockdown Holiday

For a self-catering post-lockdown holiday we assume that the vast majority of guests in 2020 will drive. If this is the case then we will suggest to you that you might like to bring your own linen and bedding.  This will not be obligatory but a suggestion for your safety and ours.  Of course if this is not possible for you we will provide everything as usual.

Assuming you are coming by car and you’re keen pétanque players, if you have your own set of boules you may like to bring them rather than use ours. The same goes for any other games and equipment (balls, ping-pong bats, bikes, buckets and spades). Of course if this is not an option then you are free to borrow ours as usual.

boules at self-catering gite

If you do not bring your own balls, games etc, any of ours that you use will be exclusively for you during your stay and disinfected between bookings.

Don’t forget if you are coming by car you are welcome to store roof boxes and other bulky items in our garage.

In the kitchen we will remove extraneous items that we consider you might not necessarily need but will make a list of what these are so that you can ask to use them if you want. (For example, we usually provide an oyster opener but realistically I don’t suppose it gets used much! If you want it though, all you need to do is ask!)

We will have 2 different boxes of books and toys for children which will be disinfected and rotated between stays.

Exceptionally during this time we will remove all magazines, books, maps and brochures and the Welcome Folder will be in PDF format sent to you by email instead of a physical item.  Of course the fact that we are on site will mean that you can ask us for recommendations and information. And there’s a wealth of information here on the blog too. If you find you forgot to bring a book or run out of reading material you will still be welcome to borrow a book from us, don’t worry!

While the shelves may look a little less welcoming than usual we hope that reducing the number of items that can be touched will reassure you in these uncertain times.

self-catering post-lockdown holiday


We will provide anti-viral cleaning products, plenty of soap and hand sanitiser and ask that you use these often, particularly each time you come back to the gite from a trip out.

Between each booking the gite will be thoroughly cleaned. All hard surfaces will be disinfected. All crockery, cutlery, glasses, pots and pans etc will be washed on a hot wash in the dishwasher.  Soft furnishings will be sprayed with disinfectant.

Because of the extra time that we’ll need to clean for both your safety and ours, exceptionally arrival and departure times will be modified. Check-in will be after 5pm and departure before 9am until further notice.

Please Get In Touch!

I hope this has helped you see how you could have a relaxing and fun time at our self-catering gîte for your post-lockdown holiday this year. We have some dates available at the time of publication, not only later in the year but during the peak summer months too. We have put in place a stress-free booking procedure with a flexible cancellation policy for the rest of 2020 and 2021. See our terms and conditions here. Our calendar changes regularly so even if it is showing booked, do get in touch to check. Cancellations and changes in plans are happening all the time so you may be in luck.

Our Covid-19 Protocol is a work in progress, subject to change as the situation changes. Please feel free to ask any questions and check back here for updates over time. It goes without saying that we will stick to the law in terms of where guests can come from and if travel across borders is not allowed we will require proof of where you are coming from. As of 2 June 2020 we are allowed to accept guests from all over France and it looks like European borders will open on 15 June 2020.

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