A few years ago I used to publish a photo every Sunday. One photo, no words. I used to enjoy it as a way of documenting my week, very simply, just picking one thing that stood out from the past 7 days.  But as is the way with these things I got bored I guess and stopped posting.  However, if ever there was a time to rekindle a photographic series documenting our life at Lou Messugo, it’s now.  As we start a period of great unknown, with the Corona virus spreading, what will lockdown life be like?

attestation de sortie | Lou Messugo

I’m going to start posting a photo or 2 every Friday. This series will be flexible, sometimes it might just be one photo, other times several, sometimes a few words too, but overall it’ll be photo-based and personal.

So this is lockdown life at Lou Messugo this week: getting used to printing and filling in an “attestation de déplacement” for every trip out of the house, St Patrick’s Day apéro with our neighbours…through a hole in the fence, and spring walks around the neighbourhood.

lockdown life apero

We said goodbye to guests on the day France went into lockdown and turned Lou Messugo into an office for JF’s télétravail (French for working from home).

lockdown life home office | Lou Messugo

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lockdown life | Lou Messugo


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