We’ve had snow on the Côte d’Azur this week.  It’s such a rare occurrence that I felt it justified a photo reportage direct from the garden at Lou Messugo; very few words…the pictures speak for themselves.

Snow on the Côte d'Azur | Lou Messugo

Almost as soon as it started to snow I rushed out to take photos as I was convinced there wouldn’t be much.  The photo below is one of the first (actually that’s not true, I deleted the very first ones which only had a very light sprinkling).

snow at lou Messugo 01My sceptical self was wrong and it snowed pretty heavily for about seven hours.  The video below shows how the same table looked later in the afternoon (while it was still snowing) and what fun could be had rolling a ball over it.

It’s school holidays here so the little kid and his friends had a wonderful day playing in the snow, inventing new games like snow trampolining.

snow trampoline

And of course the obligatory snow angel but apparently it wasn’t good snow for a snowman.

snow angel

While the kids played I took a walk around the garden.

mimosa in snow

pool in snow

bamboo in snow

Lou Messugo with snow

LM in snow

fir tree in snow

palm in snow

rosemary with snow

mimosa and snow

neighbours in snow

The next morning the sun tried to come out.

Lou Messugo garden in snow

sun and snow at lou Messugo

sun and snow

Real snow like this is rare here, we occasionally get a sprinkle but I think the last time it snowed this much was in February 2012 and just look at how the garden has changed!

Lou Messugo 2012

LM 2012

And how little the little kid was!  It was half his lifetime ago and he’s really not so little anymore.

snow 2012

I’m sure we’ll be back to regular spring weather very soon but in the meantime we’re making the most of the “Beast from the East”!  Have you had snow this week?

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SNOW in South of France Lou Messugo


Lou Messugo

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