A professional photographer is coming to take pictures of the garden in a couple of days’ time for one of the online booking sites I use for the gîte, Lou Messugo. But it’s a disaster. It’s been raining almost non-stop for over a week so the grass is 30cm high but too wet to mow. JF has decided to dig up part of the lawn and resow, covering it with a large blue tarpaulin to keep the birds off and apart from the regular lot of rampant weeds there’s an enormous thistle growing by the side of the pool. When I say enormous, I mean gigantic ENORMOUS. The pool is still in its winter state, the sun loungers are covered in dust and mostly stacked away in the garage and the parasols are undoubtedly mouldy. How am I going to get the garden in order let alone looking good, enticing, summery, appealing in two days and start my blog?

I’ve been wittering on about wanting to blog for sometime now, and today my lovely webmistress told me she was ready to go live with the new upgraded website and did I have my first blog ready? Did I just! So many ideas…so many notes…so much research…so much talk, but actual pen to paper so to speak? Of course not.

So what did I do? Start writing? Of course not! More research was required – how does one actually start a blog, as in what should I say? I have plenty of other future subjects, but the first one wasn’t there. Time to trawl back through some of my favourite blogs to their first utterings to get ideas/inspiration….yes, procrastination is my middle name.

Let me introduce myself: I’m Phoebe and I run a gîte – a self-catering apartment – in the south of France. I want to blog about it and my life in general. I’ve lived in 9 different countries and travelled in over 50. I’m married to JF, a Frenchman I met in Vietnam and we have 2 boys. I’m half British, half Australian, don’t have a home town and don’t “come from” anywhere in particular (more on this in a later blog). I’m going to blog in English with the odd French post and probably a fair bit of Franglais. I’m not setting any targets, I’ll just see how it goes, but right now I need to go and tackle that thistle….

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