Adventure.  Oh this word conjures up so much!

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My life has been one big adventure so far.  Having lived in nine different countries, and travelled in 60, I’m eternally curious, forever wanting to explore more.  In this sense adventure means physically exploring new unknown places, the less discovered the better.

I’ve been lucky and have experienced plenty of this, one highlight being a train journey from Hanoi to Helsinki in 1994.   My friend and I shared a second class cabin with Russian newlyweds and a cat called Genghis Khan. We provided the alcohol and chocolate, they provided bread and meat. We made a great partnership despite a lack of communal language.

We had few plans and took the adventures as they came.  We jumped off the train and explored the wilds of Western Mongolia by horseback; we stayed with local nomads in their gers. This was how adventure used to be.

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But circumstances change and my life is more settled. Adventure now encompasses family and running a business; less physical perhaps though I still discover new and unknown places regularly, both metaphorically and actually. Recently, however, I found a new, unexpected and serendipitous adventure – blogging!  I blog, I follow other blogs and so the adventure continues!

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Over to you, readers, what does adventure mean for you?

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