Our local market in Roquefort les Pins has opened again, albeit under rather different conditions.  There are only a handful of stalls and a strict one-way system in place with lots of barriers.  However, if it means we can get fresh local produce and get outside while shopping I’m all for it.  Here’s what I bought this week at Roquefort market.

fruit from Roquefort market

Enter here. Rules and hand sanitiser. No wandering around. No loitering!

Choose your fruit and vegetables at Roquefort market from behind a barrier. Social distancing in place.  Most people are wearing masks.

Roquefort market

I bought local strawberries from the town of Carros, young courgettes with their flowers still on grown by the stall holders themselves, local asparagus and a melon from Cavaillon. I was also very pleased to find a muguet (lily of the valley) for May Day. You can read about the tradition of giving muguet here.

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Roquefort market


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