Lockdown is making me nostalgic for past travels. This week it’s all about nostalgia in lockdown and travel memories as it’s been hard not to think about where we should have been right now.  We are supposed to be on the beautiful island of St Martin with our great friends the Rodz.

Bottom Bay Barbados

The last time JF and I were in the Caribbean was over 20 years ago when we spent 2 months exploring Barbados (picture of beautiful Bottom Bay above), St Lucia, Martinique and Trinidad, with a brief visit to St Vincent and the Grenadines.

For part of our trip we travelled between the islands by boat, but not your ordinary boat, neither a sailing boat nor a cruise ship. No, we travelled on a small inter-island cargo ship as some of about 20 passengers. (Photo below of MV Windward, on the left of the picture, moored in Castries harbour, St Lucia, near a real cruise ship – which is half the size of cruise ships these days!) The cargo ship took us passengers to Carnival in Trinidad where it moored in Port-of-Spain for the duration of the festivities.  It was an incredible experience and one of my all-time favourite travel memories.

nostalgia lockdown travel memories

Back to the present, to lockdown France, in lieu of actual travel, this week we “got together” with friends in London over Zoom for a travel-themed meal. (For more ideas on how to travel without travelling click here). The country, randomly chosen by an app, conveniently turned out to be Senegal. I say conveniently because we’ve been there recently (to stay with those very same friends the Rodz) and had a few souvenir props we could use to decorate the table.

Sourcing the ingredients for the meal, cooking chicken Yassa (recipe here) and mango cream, creating ersatz Bissap (hibiscus juice) and Senegalese beer, and decorating the table took us away from the humdrum of lockdown life for a fun evening “with” friends.

table laid for Senegal meal

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