It’s been a while since I’ve linked to a guest post I’ve written on another blog, so I thought it was time to rectify this and show you something I wrote for the excellent Multicultural Kid Blogs website.  I contributed to their “Fun Facts” series: 10 Fun Facts about Vietnam.

I lived in Vietnam, in Hanoi (the capital city), for 4.5 years in the early to mid-90s and fell in love with this amazing country.  It was a time of great change for the country, emerging out of international isolation and into a fledgling market economy.  It was also one of the most special periods in my life not least because I met my (French) husband there.  A couple of years ago, almost exactly 20 years after we left, we went back to Vietnam with our children (a tween and teen at the time) for a fabulous family holiday, introducing them to this dynamic, colourful, noisy, busy, crowded, charming, gorgeous country (with amazing food!)

Fun Facts about Vietnam | Lou Messugo

Inspired by this trip, and of course my time living in the country, I put together a post on 10 fun facts about Vietnam.  Click through to read it in full.

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