I like to travel. 56 countries and counting. I first travelled abroad at the ripe old age of 10 days old and have lived in 9 countries:  France, England, Belgium, India, Czech Republic, Iceland, Bulgaria, Australia and Vietnam. This summer we’re taking a road trip through Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia Herzegovina and hopefully Albania bringing the total up to 60. Travel is in my blood!

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I’m the archetypal “TCK/Third Culture Kid” (albeit quite grown up now), born to parents of different nationalities living in a third neutral country.  As a child my family moved every three to four years and I continued to move as an independent adult.  Roots have been slowly going down since I moved to the south of France but that doesn’t stop me from travelling during my holidays and ever so slightly hankering after that elusive 10th country to live in.

Do you like to travel?  Have you lived outside your home country?

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