Having recently returned from a trip to Iceland, a place I lived in as a child, I’ve been thinking more and more about the desire to go back to old haunts.  My curiosity to see and discover new places is insatiable and I usually find when deciding whether to go back somewhere or find somewhere new, the new wins hands down.  In general there just isn’t enough time (or money) in my life for repeat visits when there are still so many places I haven’t been to. In all honesty, there probably isn’t anywhere in the world I actively don’t want to go back to, but certain places will always stand out for me as places I’ll happily revisit. Places where I’ve left a little bit of my heart.  Here are my top 5 places I could visit over and over.

5 places visit over & over | Lou Messugo


Paris metro sign

The city of my birth, where I later lived for 10 years in 4 very different districts.  The city where my children were born.  The city where I’ve spent the longest in my life.  The city I know best.  I can never tire of visiting and revisiting Paris.  I know it so well and yet every time I go back I discover something new.

Paris Notre Dame


Sydney beach place to visit over & over | Lou Messugo

The city of my student years, where I lived on and off for the best part of 6 years in 6 different suburbs. The city of my maternal ancestors.  The city that gave me the best student lifestyle possible combining beaches and national parks with urban hip living.  It almost doesn’t get better. I’ve been back a few times but not enough recently.  It’s definitely time to return.

5 places visit over & over | Lou Messugo


Hanoi Hoan Kiem lake

The city where I met my husband.  The city that changed my life.  The crazy place I called home for 4.5 of the best years of my life in the 1990s and have never been back.  How I long to return.  To see the changes, to relive the experiences, to find the places that have remained the same.  I will take my children there and show them a different world.  Soon, I hope….

street sellers Hanoi LouMessugo blog


Reykjavik Solfar sculpture

The city I’ve most recently been back to and lost my heart to.  The city of my teenage years where friendships were established that last to this day.  The city so safe and so open that it gave me the freedom to enjoy adolescence to the full.  A quirky and unique city that despite its bijou size feels big and grown-up.

Reykjavik cathedral

New York

New York hotdogs

An anomaly in my list.  A city I haven’t lived in!  A city I’ve only been to twice but know I will go back to again and hopefully again.  A city I want to show my kids.  A city that I don’t know nearly well enough with so many places to explore.  The city that never sleeps, with so much to offer, how could anyone not want to return?

New York central park

Do you like to revisit places you’ve already been to, or do you prioritise new locations?  Where would you go back to if money and time were no object?  Let me know in the comments.  I’d love to hear from you.

*** UPDATE 2016 ***  We went back to Hanoi!  Yay!  You can read about 24 hours in Hanoi, a compilation of things we did over 5 days in the city, squashed into a fictitious 24 hours.

*** UPDATE 2018 *** We took the kids to New York for Christmas! Yay!  My 3rd visit and another “bucket list” travel ambition realised.

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5 places visit over and over | Lou Messugo

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