It’s one of those #sitoutsideinatshirt kind of days which inspired me to grab my camera and take some photos of the signs of spring all around me.  My stroll took me no further than 5 minutes from Lou Messugo but look at what I found.

ceanothus and bee at Lou Messugo

The first and most obvious sign is the mimosa everywhere; in distant gardens, peaking through tall cypruses, sprouting above palms, hiding behind hedges, this is mimosa’s golden moment.  But then this isn’t surprising in early March as it usually starts blooming in late January.  Its arrival heralds the beginning of the end of winter in the south of France…

Mimosa in Roquefort les Pins

In the lane I spotted irises, daffodils, crocus, blossom, camelias, gorse, a type of anemone (I think) and even a couple of poppies!

spring flowers Roquefort les Pins

And in the garden the 2 different types of rosemary are flowering, the trailing pale purple flowers which I’ve never known the name of are really coming along (I really must find out what they’re called…mum, can you help?)  The almond tree has started to blossom and the lawn is covered in daisies.  It will soon need its first mow.  The top of the ceonothus is blooming and is covered with bees and even the jasmine is covered with tiny buds.

garden at Lou Messugo March 2015

I heard a woodpecker (and have seen him a couple of times in the garden though he’s always too quick for a photo) and there seem to be more garden birds than ever chirrping, squabbling and sadly flying into our big glass doors.  Luckily it’s warm enough during the day to leave the doors open now which minimises collisions a little.  (Did you get that?…It’s warm enough to leave windows and doors open…! That’s a true sign of spring.)

lizard on tiles

What else?  I mentioned the bees in the ceanothus.  There are plenty buzzing around which is always a good thing. Other insects are slowly beginning to wake up too though luckily none of the pesky ones yet. I’ve seen lizards sunbathing in the warm sun and the days are getting longer.  We now have to close the chooks in around 6.50 pm when they naturally go home to roost at nightfall. In the depths of winter it was around 5 pm.  Finally take a look at the photos below of the same view out of my kitchen window taken 5 days apart.  The new growth on the hedge has really taken off in that short time.

mimosa and hedge

If you’d like to experience these mild temperatures, blue skies and see some of these signs of spring yourself we still have some availability in the gite for the months of March – May.  Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

early spring blossom

What about where you are?  What signs of spring have you seen?  Or for my southern hemisphere readers, is autumn showing yet?

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