La Colle sur Loup goes back in time! We recently spent a lovely late summer afternoon experiencing how a Provencal village functioned 100 or so years ago.

fete dantan4

The 20th Fête des Métiers d’Antan (or Festival of Past Trades) took place in La Colle sur Loup, just 10 minutes from Lou Messugo, under a perfect blue sky.

la colle sur loup goes back in time

We wandered around the pretty village between the stands and displays of blacksmiths, wool spinners, lace-makers, distillers, basket-makers, carpenters, washerwomen, farmers, a barber, a school, vintage cars and more.

la colle sur loup goes back in time

Musicians played, a priest ambled around and there was even a marriage acted out. Local artist Joanna Painter sketched excellent portraits though unfortunately we were too late to get ourselves immortalised.

man with drum in old fashioned military uniform

We snacked on old-fashioned sweets, sampled local honey, saucisson and patisseries and even our children, who set out highly sceptical about such a “fête” thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

village goes back in time lady on antique tricycle

village goes back in time

la colle sur loup goes back in time

artist sketching portrait

La Fête des Métiers d’Antan takes place every year in early September.

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