Our lockdown this week beats fairly consistently to the rhythm of gardening and baking with a first-time family walk and another hole in the fence apéro breaking up the boredom. That’s about all there is to say about the lockdown rhythm at Lou Messugo during week 3.

family walk lockdown rhythm

The Teen (who is no longer a teen and needs to be renamed especially as the Little One is now a teen!) has been experimenting with baking. So far the results have been great.


The lawn in front of the gîte has suffered badly from droughts over the years so we’re taking this time without guests to redo it. Right now it’s a ploughed muddy, lumpy mess.

lawn renovation

Rarely going out of the house means I find myself living in Crocs, even for an apéro! Quelle horreur!

lockdown rhythms apéro

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lockdown baking


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