Glasgow city centre is full of wonderful street art, most of it commissioned in the last 10 years by the City Council in a bid to liven up vacant lots and ugly blank walls.  The idea has been to engage street artists to produce vibrant colourful works of art to help regenerate the city centre for the benefit of residents, businesses and visitors alike.  And it seems to have been a huge success as every year more murals are added to the area in what has now become the very popular Glasgow Mural Trail.  I love street art and find exploring a city through its murals a great way to get under the skin of the place.  So with a free hour or so on a sunny afternoon, armed with a downloaded map of the trail, we set out en famille to discover parts of Glasgow we might not necessarily have seen otherwise.

Glasgow Panda by Kingatron

Glasgow street art 1

Wind Power by Rogue-One and Art Pistol

Glasgow street art 2

Honey…I Shrunk The Kids by Smug 

Glasgow street art 3

The World’s Most Economical Taxi by Rogue-One

Glasgow street art 4

Argyle Street Cafe by Smug

Glasgow street art 5

Big Birds by Rogue-One

Glasgow street art 6

Glasgow street art 7

Dr Connolly, I Presume?  By Rogue-One one of three murals commissioned by BBC Scotland in 2017 to celebrate Glasgow’s most famous son, Billy Connolly’s 75th birthday.

Glasgow mural trail 1

Famous Faces – Clutha by Rogue-One, EJEK and Art Pistol picturing the history of the area and famous personalities who have performed at this well-known music pub.

Glasgow mural trail 2

Glasgow mural trail 7

Glasgow mural trail 4

Glasgow mural trail 3

Spaceman by Recoat and Ali Wyllie

Glasgow mural trail 5

We didn’t manage to see all the murals, in fact I think we found just under half in the time we had. According to the map (when we were in Glasgow in October 2017) there were 23 but new ones are created and sometimes old ones are destroyed so this number may change.  By its very nature street art is ephemeral, individual works can wear out, be added to, adapted, or even removed which means that when I go back to look for more, even these ones might have changed.  I will go back to look for the rest without a doubt as the Teen now lives in Glasgow and it is fast becoming a favourite city destination.

If you’d like to walk the Glasgow Mural Trail or just find out the locations of individual murals you can check out the website and map here.

Do you like street art?  Which one is your favourite?  It’s a hard choice but I think I like the taxi best.

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Here’s a PIN for later!

Glasgow mural trail street art

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