Today I’m sharing a post written by Jacqueline Brown from The French Village Diaries on the day that the 100th Tour de France is in Nice, just half an hour away from us.  Jacqueline explains the Tour clearly and comprehensively, so I thought, why should I do it myself, when it’s already been done so well?  

The Tour de France

by Jacqueline from The French Village Diaries, a Brit who moved to France in 2004 with her family to live her dream of a simpler life in rural France.  Passionate about everything French, she writes about life in France, food, village life, education, travel and books.

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We are not a sports mad family. We do enjoy an active and outdoor lifestyle, but none of us could explain the ‘off-side rule’ and we conveniently manage to miss football and rugby on TV even if it is World or European cup games. The tennis also passes every year without us feeling the need to watch a single match. However, last year Ade and I found ourselves tuning into ITV4 every evening to watch the Tour de France coverage and we are counting down the days (seven) until the start of the 100th Tour begins in Corsica on June 29th.

Last year the terminology and the rules were a bit of a mystery to us and while we are still not experts we have grasped the basics and here is our little summery in case it is all a bit confusing to you too. Full information can be found on le Tour website and don’t forget whether you understand it all or not, if you do tune in you will get to see some lovely areas of La Belle France.  Read more

Do click through and read all about how this amazing sporting event works.  I’ll be getting back to you in a few days with pictures of it as it passes just five minutes away from us, in Valbonne.  Have you ever seen the Tour?  I’d love to hear about your experiences.



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