Today I’m sharing a post written by Chrissie McClatchie from The Riviera Grapevine all about Nice’s local wines in 11 quirky facts.  Chrissie takes us on a tour of the Bellet appellation which is practically in our back yard, on the outskirts of Nice.

Did you know?  Eleven facts about the AOC Bellet.

by Chrissie from The Riviera Grapevine, a Sydneysider in Nice with an insatiable thirst for wines from the Riviera, blogging all things wine related on the Côte d’Azur and beyond.

              Chateau de bellet

I love a bit of trivia! Particularly that which is wine related. With this in mind it’s been a great couple of days digging around various sources with the aim of producing a list of sometimes educational and other times quirky facts about Nice wine. You never know when such information will come in handy in these parts!

In fact, whilst I’ve uncovered more than my initial goal of eleven interesting facts about our local wine, the list has been narrowed down to reflect the number of vineyards which make up the appellation. Here’s one for each of them:


I’m going to start with my favourite. Did you know that since Bellet is found entirely within Nice’s city limits, it is the only urban appellation in France. How lucky are we, les niçois et niçoises! And, whilst a Parisian may argue that a selection of boutique vineyards dot their cityscape (the most famous being Clos Montmartre in Montmartre), Île de France wines are only now campaigning for IGP (Indication Géographique Protégée) status, a while from being recognized as an AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) like our Bellet was in 1941.  Read more

Do click through to Chrissie’s website to find out ten more facts about Nice wine.  Cheers!


Image courtesy of Château de Bellet website


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