Today I’m sharing a post writen by Sophie of Franglaise Cooking revealing the secret of eating like the French.  She shows us how it’s possible to eat well and not put on weight.  I write reasonably often about local dishes, cakes and wines so thought it time to show that it is possible to enjoy all these marvellous things without turning into an elephant.  However, Sophie explains it so well I thought I’d let her do the talking.

How to eat French Food and not get fat

by Sophie from Franglaise Cooking, an English girl married to a French man living in London after 12 years in the South of France.  Together Sophie and Ben blog about their interest in everyday English and French family food, sharing recipes and helpful tips for better eating.

             French cheese in moderation


Since starting this blog many people have asked how the French can eat as they do and not have big problems with obesity. If you scroll through the recipes on our blog you will notice that the French ones aren’t exactly calorie-counting, diet dishes. So, how do the French not get fat?

First of all, French eating habits are very different to British habits:

– The French eat 3 meals a day and don’t snack between meals. French children eat 4 meals a day as they have goûter at around 4pm before having dinner at around 8pm.
– There is one key word that sums up French eating: Moderation. The French tend to eat whatever they want, but in moderation. So they will let themselves have cheese and cakes, but in moderation: a couple of small pieces of cheese, a thin slice of cake.  Click here to read more

I urge to click through to Sophie’s full post, it’s fascinating and I couldn’t have explained it better. What do you think?


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