Gosh am I glad I have something to keep me busy this morning…when this edition of All About France goes live my Teen will be sitting his first exam of the bac (A level equivalent – end of high school exams). I’m sure I’m more nervous than he is!  So here we are, the 29th edition of #AllAboutFrance, back to entertain me and keep my mind off exam fever, and hopefully entertain you too!

May is all about long weekends in France; for the first one we went to Genoa but couldn’t find anywhere to stay so came home!  The second one saw us glued to voting and elections, and the third one took us off to visit a couple of incredible UNESCO World Heritage sites, which inspired the post I’ve linked up today.  We have a 4th and final long weekend next weekend (yes it’s true, read all about the public holidays in May here) when we’ll be hunkering down and promoting good revision/exam conditions.  We also had our annual fête des voisins, a nationwide neighbourhood party.


Thanks to everyone who linked up last month, it was quite a bumper session with lots of new people joining in.  Great to see, however, yet again it came to my attention that very few people participate fully, ie YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO COMMENT ON SEVERAL OTHER BLOGS including mine and ideally share them too!  I was contacted by a couple of people expressing disappointment with the level of interaction. I’m disappointed too (not even everyone read/commented on mine, the host!) but other than rant here, which I don’t enjoy, there’s nothing I can do.  Please, if you link up, then play fair.  COMMENT, SHARE and create blogging love!

A special shout out to some favourites from last month:

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Destination Souvigny by Deep Heart of France

Pop over and have a read if you haven’t already.

What is All About France?

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