Welcome or welcome back to All About France, the place to link up and read the best articles about France on the interwebs!  Somehow it’s suddenly October which should mean autumn although seeing as there’s no sign of it here yet in the South of France it’s hard to imagine it’s anything but summer still.  Long may that last, I’m definitely not one of those who love autumn best.

All About France 21 blog linky

In fact it’s still so summery at Lou Messugo that we’re eating salads outside not stews and pumpkins indoors and in the spirit of making summer last as long as possible I’m linking up something I wrote about the most famous of all local food, the salade niçoise.  I hope you enjoy it. And in other news….we’re going to Vietnam in the coming school holidays and I can’t tell you how excited we all are.  For those of you who are new here you might not be aware that I met my husband JF in Hanoi in the 1990s when we were both living and working there.  This will be our first trip back since we left almost exactly 20 years ago and the first time ever for our kids.

Vietnam guidebooks

And because of this I’m exceptionally changing the date of the next link-up to the 2nd Thursday of the month not the 1st.  Please note next time will be Thursday 10th November.  And also because of this please bear with me if I’m slow to comment on your links.  I will be cutting right back on social media while away though I will be posting on Instagram using the hashtag #gudulesauvietnam if you want to follow along.

Back to today, here are my favourites from last time, good to see some new bloggers linking up and if you haven’t already read these particular four I recommend you pop over and do so now.

The prettiest places for tea in Lyon by La Vie en C-Rose

The best things to do with kids in Paris by Suitcases and Sandcastles

The France I love by Oui in France

Last time I introduced a new challenge to encourage comments and I’m pleased to announce the winner is Rosie from Eco-gites of Lenault who commented on a generous 15 of the posts linked up, closely followed by Tanja from The Red Phone Box Travels who didn’t even link up herself, just had a great session reading and commenting!  Amazing!  It was interesting going back over all the comments and seeng just who did and who didn’t play by the rules….there was still one person who linked and ran without commenting on anything not even mine, grrr if it happens again that person will be banned!

What is All About France?

All About France is a monthly blog linky, linking up blog posts about France.  These posts can be freshly scribbled or from your archives as a way of bringing new life to an old article.  There is no date limit and the only rule for subject matter is that it is about France in some way.  This can mean French language, French food, French style, French literature, expat life in France, French expats abroad or travel in France among other things.  The linky opens on the 1st Thursday of each month and stays open for a week.

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