Welcome to the 14th All About France monthly link up all about France! If you’re a blogger and this is your first time here you might want to find out more here.  If you’re a reader interested in France then you’ve come to the right place – I hope you enjoy all the posts about France; you’ll find plenty more here.

Last month’s link up had a huge response for #AllAboutFrance’s 1st anniversary, thank you everyone who joined in, I get great pleasure reading all your fabulous posts.  Choosing just a few as highlights is always difficult but here goes, if you haven’t already read these I suggest you head over to them and do so now.

I actually Louvred it – What up Swags?!

les Yarn Bombers de St Etienne – Agatha Bertram Travels

Vive la différence, or the weight of words – Susie Kelly

la Friperie, the second hand shop – French Village Diaries

February sped by at breakneck speed, probably owing to 2 excellent foreign trips, to Naples with my son and London on my own (I have no idea when I was last in London without kids!) and 2 weeks of school holidays full of skiing, play dates, carnival and fun away from the computer.  I’m quite useless at keeping up with blogging and social media when my boys are off school or when I’m away, which meant that I only just finished reading and commenting on most of the linked up posts in the last couple of days.

performer Nice carnival

However, owing to this tardiness I discovered just how many participants actually comment on other posts.  The result was very few!  Please don’t forget the dreaded rules.  It’s boring to have to say this but it appears there are plenty of people who seem to think they can just link up and leave without commenting on any of the linked posts.  I don’t want to have to get all officious and remove those who dump and run but if it contines I will. This is not fair on other participants, nor me as the organiser and it does no one any favours least of all yourself. As with all blog link-ups it works best when everybody reads, comments on and shares as many of the other posts linked up as possible (please, try for 2 as a minimum). If you don’t know what I’m going on about first read the rules and if still stuck, then email me!  Rant over!

Here’s a reminder of how to join in:

  • You can link up two posts, old or new, as long as they are about France, French language, French food, expat differences with France etc
  • Please either add the #AllAboutFrance badge to the bottom of your post(s)/sidebar of your blog or link back to Lou Messugo.  The code is below.
  • Please share the love by commenting on my post(s) and at least two others.  The more we all share and comment the better it works for everyone.  Be generous!
  • Tweet me your links @FibiTee and I will RT you.  Use the hashtag #AllAboutFrance to spread the word and for everyone to find each other easily.
  • Don’t forget there’s also a Pinboard on to which you can pin if you join up.

Full details of the link-up can be found here. As always it’ll be open for a whole week and the next one will be in a month’s time on Thursday April 7th.

AllAboutFrance with Lou Messugo

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