Welcome to the 10th All About France monthly link up all about France now in double figures! If you’re a blogger and this is your first time you might want to find out what it’s all about here. If you’re simply visiting my blog for a read then I hope you enjoy all the posts about France; you’ll find plenty more from previous link ups here.

Thanks to everyone who linked up last month, here are four posts that I really enjoyed from then and if you haven’t already read them I recommend doing so now, I’m sure you’ll love them too. Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary wrote about the genius idea of geocaching in Paris.  I don’t know why I haven’t thought of doing this myself as a way to motivate a less-than-enthusiastic teen to sightsee, we do it in the countryside and will definitely give it a go next city visit.  Au Lit showed us around a magical museum in Paris that I’m certainly going to visit next time I’m there.  A Strong Belief in Wicker put together an impressive list of 50 things to eat in Paris before you die and Oui in France gave us some great tips for vacationing in Corsica.

I mentioned last month how I loved Girl Gone Gallic’s post on the Calanque de Figuerolles and how I wanted to go there myself sooner rather than later…so guess where we went for my birthday weekend a couple of weeks ago?  Thanks to this link-up my family discovered a truly magical place and had an excellent weekend away. Look out for a full write up coming later this month.  I wonder if anyone else has a story about doing/eating something, or visiting somewhere thanks to this link-up?

calanque de figuerolles la ciotat

Back to today, I know it’s tedious to mention but for anyone linking up there are some rules. Please don’t link dump and please don’t forget to link back to me.  Unfortunately I’ve noticed that quite a few participants don’t comment on anyone else’s post (not even mine!) which is just not on. I don’t want to have to get all officious and remove those who dump and run but if it contines I might have to. Sorry about the rant! Please play fair, it works best when everybody reads, comments on and shares as many of the other posts linked up as possible.  Don’t forget I like comments on my linked post and this one too!

Feel free to use the hashtag #AllAboutFrance when sharing on social media as this gets us all seen even more – I will retweet tweets using it or if you mention me (@FibiTee) and don’t forget the Pinterest pinboard which you can join and pin to too. Full details of the link-up can be found here. As always it’ll be open for a whole week so you have time to get involved!

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