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Seeing the lavender fields in Haute Provence was something I’d been dying to do for ages and I when I finally got the chance I wasn’t disappointed.  That was a typically British understatement; I LOVED it! It was absolutely amazing.  The views, the smells, the colours, the bees, everything was just sublime. It was so great that I want to go back and stay over night to be able to photograph the fields in the early morning and evening light.  This time we were there during the middle of the day which is the worst light for photos though the scenery was so lovely that despite less than perfect light I think my photos give you some indication of just how gorgeous it was.

lavender fields with house Valensole Provence

The flowers are out for roughly a month from mid June to mid July but when I went due to a late spring there was still plenty of purple around.  Some fields had been harvested and others were being cut but the majority were still in full bloom and the bonus of it being a little later than the usual peak season was that there were also lots of sunflowers out too. The contrast of cut lavender, ripe wheat, sunflowers and blooming lavender – green, gold, yellow and mauve – was beautiful and in my mind even better than pure purple.  I hope you enjoy my photos, though I wish someone would invent a “scratch and sniff” application for the internet so you could smell them too!

lavender and wheat

lavender and mountains Haute Provence

lavender slope

lavender field with tree in Provence

lavender fields near Valensole in Provence

lavender field Provence

lavender fields in Haute Provence

lavender and sunflowers Valensole Provence

lavender and clouds

lavender and hills Valensole plateau Provence


lavender and wheat in Provence

field of lavender

purple field

farm in the lavender

lavender harvested and blooming

lavender and sky

All photos taken on or around the Valensole Plateau.  Have you been to Provence to see the lavender fields?  Or have you seen lavender being grown somewhere else? Do tell!


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visiting lavender fields in Provence

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