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Sagrada Familia Barcelona: 15 years on

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I recently visited Barcelona for the 3rd time.  The first time was 15 years ago in May 2001, then again in February 2011 and just now in June 2016.  Each visit was very different.  The first was JF's and my first time away from our baby, let loose for an adult weekend away.  Ten years later we were back with two children for a short break en famille and this time I was accompanying my son's school trip in a group of 55 kids and 25 adults for 5 days!  Really, I don't think it's possible to experience the city in 3 more different ways and I can vouch that it's both a wonderful place for adults only and a great place to take children.  I'll go into more detail about what we got up to with 55 ten and eleven years olds another time but for now I just want to show you how the Sagrada Familia has changed since 2001.

Sagrada Familia Barcelona 2016 inside

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Sunday Photo - 19 June 2016

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Casa Batllo staircase Barcelona

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Seriously? More wildlife at Lou Messugo?

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A few weeks ago we had some unusual visitors at Lou Messugo.  That in itself is not so strange, we've had a fair few unusual visitors over the years, both of the human kind and beast.  If you've been reading this blog for a while you'll know we've had plenty of visits by wild boars and we've even had a deer in the garden.  Then there are the toads, frogs, lizards and ghekos, not to mention the occasional snake, red squirrels and lots of foxes.  We get fireflies, bats and cicadas in summer and there are always plenty of birds in spring including woodpeckers and jays. I probably shouldn't go into detail about the strange human guests we've hosted here in the gite as they can read....but here's a little hint: we had one who brushed his long beard in the garden and then burnt the loose hairs in the barbecue every morning, a couple who shut the shutters and stayed inside all week without going out once (we got to the stage where we wondered if it was a suicide pact), a family who left a metre wide red stain on the ceiling, and many more (I could write a book!) But this was yet another first for us: Mr and Mrs Mallard came to visit.

mallards colvert at Lou Messugo

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Sunday Photo - 12 June 2016

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art installation MIP

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